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How, in only a week, over 300 people asked me to e-mail them info…  

which made me REAL money!


Seriously, if I showed you my proven winning formula, would you use it? 

I bet you’re thinking…

No way… I can’t do this.  It will be difficult.

  You can think that, or you can watch us make $1,800 in one day!

Ask yourself a very simple question…

Are you currently ecstatic with your internet business?

And by ecstatic I mean SUPER HAPPY…       

Everything’s going amazingly well with your business

  • You have a winning strategy you execute everyday consistently…         
  • You know exactly where you are headed and are currently overjoyed with your online profits 

 If This Isn’t The Case, You Might Just Be Thinking…

Will I ever make any real money?

“I have no idea what to do next.  Strategy… are you kidding me?”

Why do I keep buying products that say I will be successful, but I never seem to get it to work?

“Maybe I should just give up trying to making money online?”

“Is it even possible to make $100+ per day online?” 

I’ve Personally Said All These Things To Myself…

Why not?

I mean it seems like the exact same thing on each webpage.

Someone shows you some amazing amount of money they made overnight.

Then they proceed to tell you how horrible their life was… You are hooked on their own life success story because you honestly believe that can be you too… now you feel like you’ve connected with them.

Next they show you some flashy new gadget that’s super simple and life altering. 

Sound Familiar????

 But you can’t seem to stay away....
You keep purchasing products, chasing that dream. 
You just know that one day it will be your success story people are reading about.


It may seem like it is…

In fact, you might even be kicking yourself right now.  

But take a look at it from this angle…

While everyone else heads home to just veg on the couch to watch basketball, hockey, or the latest new TV comedy show…

You are actually trying to make a difference in your life.  You’re willing to sacrifice that veg out time now, to become a better person…  

So you can create that picture perfect life you now can only dream about… (Which might just be vegging in front of the TV while everyone else has to go to work… HA)!

This is an amazing thing to work towards!

I know, I know... I am sure you’re friends and co-workers think you are crazy!

But you are determined to become better…

To figure it out…

To accomplish your dreams and not stop until you make it a reality …

Yet, these same individuals who say you are crazy… are perfectly content to just sit back and collect a paycheck for the rest of their life.  They willingly sacrifice their life to whichever company is willing to pay the highest price for their precious time.

Let's Take Just A Minute To Look At How These People Live Their Lives Day In And Day Out:

  • Get up before the butt crack of dawn (Not paid)
  • Sit in traffic (not paid)
  • Finally get to their desk a few hours later (start getting paid)
  • Sit through boring tele-conferences
  • Eat lunch (usually not paid)
  • Act like you care about the water cooler talk
  • Deal with office politics (my personal favorite)
  • More boring spreadsheets
  • YEAH, you finally get to leave
  • Sit in traffic again (not being paid)
  • Have a couple hours to yourself before you set your alarm clock (not paid)
  • Rinse and Repeat for 5 maybe 6 days straight…
  • Have one day off to yourself

Do This For The Next 20-30+ Years!

Seriously, I can’t believe you don’t want to do this for the rest of your life.


Trying to make a better life for yourself is something to be really excited about… even proud of!

Regrettably, if you are still reading this then you probably have been let down more times than you can actually remember.

I completely understand this because I felt the exact same way In fact, a few times I didn’t even bother to finish reading through the course I just bought because it wasn’t what I had in mind… I told myself it wouldn’t work and didn’t even try.

Then I would buy something else I was sure was going to work.  It turned into this brutal cycle of hope and then disappointment that got me absolutely nowhere.

Luckily, I never give up…  I would imagine we are a lot alike in this area. 

I mean you refuse to give up too. matter how long it takes. 

After continuously failing time after time, I decided I needed to focus on one recognized process that consistently worked for everyone who makes money online. 

This meant getting rid of my “get rich quick with one click of a button” attitude and get serious about focusing on the process that has worked for everyone across the board. 

The Bad News… I paid a mentor thousands of dollars to help me nail this process down. 

The Good News…. I share it with you for a whole lot less money!

When I Finally Stopped Trying to Get Rich Over Night and Put All My Energy Into One Recognizable Process Proven Time and Again To Make People Money Online… Things Finally Changed

So, did I make a ton of money instantaneously without working?

Um, no. That’s not real. (RUN from ANYONE who tells you this)

We all work really hard, but we love what we do. 

When I made the decision to focus on only one proven method, I finally made money online. By following this very simple, yet consistently proven method, I quickly hit my first goal of 10,000 visitors per month. That did a couple of things for me…

  1. It gave me the assurance I needed to understand that it’s really not all that hard to make money online when you have a proven method that works.
  2. I stopped dumping money into courses that didn’t deliver... and concentrated on this one proven method.


Now My Mission Is To Sift Through All the Crap and Deliver REAL Strategies That Actually Make Money… 

Proven Methods Like This One Below...

This is Just A Couple of Days...

In just 6 days, I was able to get 341 new people to ask me for information about what I was selling.  This was totally cold traffic.  They had no idea who I was... 

If you’re trying to find a way to make “$1,000,000 instantly without any work” training…

This is not it!

BUT, If You’re Searching For One Simple Proven Method That Really Works

and you want to regularly make money online instead of constantly spinning your wheels…

THIS is for you. 


Here is What's In InstaCode

Step-By-Step Training Showing You The Entire Process

SECTION 1: 10,000 Feet!

If you don’t have a plan you won’t know where you want to go. In the first part of the training, I will walk you through the complete process quickly… giving you an idea what’s coming up and how it all fits together.

SECTION 2: Get and Keep More Customers

This will be one of the most powerful tools you’ve ever seen when it comes to online marketing. I’m not just going to talk about this tool.  You’re going watch me put it together.  You will “see” me create the whole thing step by step.  

SECTION 3: Keep Them Coming Back For More

This is where you really see the power of the tools we utilized in Section 2.  Now we are going to set it on auto-pilot.  I am going to show you how to get your customers to keep coming back to you time and again.  This truly is a set it and forget it system. 

This is Usually Where People Tend to Wig Out or Get Super Skeptical… So I am going to make this INCREDIBLY EASY for you by adding some amazing bonuses

BONUS 1: Q&A Training Webinar Without A Sales Pitch (Worth $97)

Ever picked up on the fact that after you buy a training… someone “gives” you a bonus webinar that is actually just an upsell to get you to buy more stuff?

That is not what I am going to do at all. 

I’m going to hop on and show you how I use these tools in real time… live. 

After going through the training and watching this webinar you should have absolutely no questions.  But if you do, we can always answer them together during the training.

I will not be selling anything on this training webinar.  This is simply to help you get a head start… so you can hit the ground running.  I plan on making sure you have all the tools you need to succeed with this method.

Bonus #2: Collaborative Facebook Mastermind Group (Worth $97)

Sometimes the training isn’t enough… You simply might need more support and a solid group of people around you doing the exact same thing to network and grow with. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to ask questions and people to brainstorm with?  I’ve built that here!  You won’t just have access to me, but also to other colleagues who are on the exact same track as you are.

I can’t tell you how influential and inspiring this is.

 Bonus #3: $1,800 Day Case Study

(Worth $197)

During this 1 hour bonus Video you are going to see a very similar method that requires far less work to get started, but follows the exact same foundation.

In this case study, my friend and mentor, Bill Hugall, will show you in real time how he was able to take $200 and turn it into $1800 in less than a week.

Again you are going to see this step by step. He will show you the pages, the offer and even where he got his traffic from. This one video has received so much praise and feedback.  You will be blown away. This is truly, watch and repeat! .

Let’s go over this again…

If you were nodding your head or thinking

“Yep, that is me” to any of these statements…

  •  You are exhausted from all the “get rich quick strategies” that never seem to pan out
  •  You are searching for a REAL and PROVEN method to make a constant income online.
  •  You like the idea that you can build this as another revenue stream or utilize this for your income all together.
  •  You want to be able to build your business to a $100 per day method and then be able to scale that up accordingly.

Get An Impressive Discount On InstaCode When You Get It Today…

The totally awesome thing about this proven method is that you get it all. 

This isn’t something I came up with overnight. Every successful online marketer out there today is doing this…

and doing it well!

I’m sure you probably realize that I could easily charge $147-$197 for InstaCode

And even though this is easily worth over $900 after you take into account all the incredible bonuses and time I’ll be spending with you…

You won’t spend anything close to that.

Here Are Just A Few Testimonials...

"InstaCode is a total winner. Bill Hugall & Michelle Thompson have teamed up to create a simple, yet brilliant product. This is simplicity done in a masterful way. InstaCode covers all the basics such as how to set up a lead-capture page, autoresponder, & email marketing campaign. It will set you up big time in a position to start making money right off the bat. To further add to the goodness, they've added a real world case study showing how Bill Hugall turned $200 into $1800 in a couple of days. Never forget the fundamentals. InstaCode covers it beautifully. I love this product & so will you. Two thumbs up." 

- George Nieves (

"Instacode is so easy to follow and implement due to the step by step videos that Michelle created.  She explains everything simply and in plain English... Which means even your grandma can follow and implement the training."

- Pieter Du Preez

"InstaCode is a training that every beginning marketer needs. It's the key to earning your first dollars online, and will provide action takers steady streams of income for years to come. Michelle's training is clear, easy to understand, and extremely effective. You really can't go wrong with this if you want a fast and easy way to a solid foundation online. Great job, Michelle."

- Nathan Zadworny

You Can Get This Powerful Training Today
For Just...

 Warning! The Price Is Going Up Throughout The Week And There Is

No Guarantee If You Come Back It Will Remain This Ridiculously Low  

Lucky for you, there is no motivation to wait 

Please Keep In Mind That You
Are At ZERO RISK Here.

 Put Us To The Test For The Next 30 Days  

I don’t want to give you any reason not to get your hands on this right now. 

It simply works!  

Inside this training you find the proven method that all successful online marketers are using to get big results.  

Instead of me continuing to talk about how great this is…

why don’t you just figure it out for yourself…  

·        Instant access to InstaCode

·        Exclusive Access to the InstaCode VIP Facebook Group

·        Participate in the Live Webinar

·        Collaborate with your peers in the mastermind group

THEN, figure out if this really works

 If you think that our product isn’t worth the $8.97 we charged, simply contact our support team, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked! .   

Michelle Thompson and Bill Hugall


Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the training delivered?

You get access to the step-by-step training, member’s only webinar, VIP Facebook group… Not to mention the $1800 case study.       

How much to get access?

For a very limited time, you can get this training for less than you’d spend on a latte… But you’re not going to want to wait. The price is going up after launch, and if you wait to come back you will end up paying more.      

What if I don’t have any money to get started?

I suggest you don’t buy any training products at all! Wait until you have been able to save up some money.  If you seriously have $0.00 in you bank, it would be best if we didn’t work together at all. I’ve discovered that people without any money at all and a fear of spending $5 just don’t do well in this business. I bet no one has ever told you that before.     

Is there a guarantee?

Of course. You get a full 30 days to try InstaCode out. If for any reason you don’t like it, just e-mail support, and we will get you a refund.

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